The Sweet and Sour Taste of Blueberry Mint Spritzer: recipe

A Refreshing Summer Mocktail with a Twist of Mint

A Refreshing Summer Beverage Blueberry Mint Spritzer

The Blueberry Mint Spritzer is a delightful, effervescent drink that combines the sweetness of blueberries with the fresh, cooling flavor of mint. It’s the perfect choice for a warm summer day or a festive gathering, offering a light and invigorating refreshment. This easy-to-make spritzer can be customized with your choice of sparkling water, soda, or even a splash of sparkling wine for an extra touch of elegance.


  • Fresh Blueberries: 1/2 cup
  • Mint Leaves: 10–12 fresh leaves, plus extra for garnish
  • Lime Juice: 2 tablespoons
  • Honey: 1 tablespoon (or your preferred sweetener)
  • Sparkling Water: 2 cups (or use club soda or sparkling wine for an adult twist)
  • Ice: To serve
  • Lime Slices: For garnish (optional)


  1. Muddle the Blueberries and Mint: In a large glass or cocktail shaker, muddle the blueberries and mint leaves together to release their flavors.
  2. Add Lime Juice and Honey: Stir in the lime juice and honey. Mix until the honey dissolves.
  3. Combine and Strain: Fill two glasses with ice. Divide the blueberry mixture evenly between the glasses, straining it to remove the solids.
  4. Top with Sparkling Water: Pour the sparkling water over the blueberry mixture in each glass, filling to the top.
  5. Stir and Garnish: Gently stir the spritzer to combine the flavors. Garnish with a mint leaf and a lime slice, if desired. Serve immediately.

Cooking Time:


Preparation Time:

10 minutes

Total Time:

10 minutes

Serving Size:

2 servings








  • None

Dietary Needs:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Equipment Needed:

  • Muddler or spoon for muddling
  • Strainer (optional)

Tips and Tricks:

  • Adjust Sweetness: You can adjust the amount of honey to your desired sweetness or use another sweetener like agave syrup.
  • Make it a Mocktail: Replace the sparkling water with ginger ale or lemon-lime soda for a different twist.
  • Chill Your Ingredients: For the best results, chill your sparkling water and lime juice in advance.

Nutritional Information:

  • Calories: 60 per serving
  • Fat: 0g per serving
  • Protein: 0g per serving
  • Carbohydrates: 17g per serving
  • Fiber: 2g per serving
  • Sugar: 14g per serving
  • Sodium: 10mg per serving

Garnish and Presentation:

  • Garnish each spritzer with a sprig of mint and a lime slice for a beautiful presentation.
  • Serve in clear glasses to showcase the vibrant colors of the drink.

Storage Instructions:

  • Blueberry Mint Spritzer is best served fresh. If you have any leftover blueberry mixture, store it in the refrigerator and use it within a day.

Here’s a concise overview of blueberries:

Blueberries are small, round berries with a sweet yet slightly acidic taste. They have a beautiful blue color and are covered by a silver bloom. As they mature, they transition from green to reddish-purple and finally to that vibrant blue hue. These delicious berries belong to the genus Vaccinium and are part of the Ericaceae family. Here are some key points about blueberries:

  1. Nutrient-Rich Superfood: Blueberries are hailed as a superfood due to their impressive nutritional profile. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K1, manganese, iron, and various antioxidants.
  2. Varieties: Blueberries come in different types:
    • Lowbush Blueberries: These have small, pea-sized berries and grow on low-level bushes. They are also known as “wild” blueberries.
    • Highbush Blueberries: These varieties have larger berries and grow on taller, cultivated bushes. They are commonly found in commercial production1.
  3. Origin and Cultivation: Blueberries are native to North America. First Nations peoples in Canada consumed wild blueberries for centuries. Highbush blueberries were first cultivated in New Jersey around the early 20th century. Today, Canada is a leading producer of lowbush blueberries, while the United States supplies about 40% of the world’s highbush blueberries1.
  4. Health Benefits: Regular consumption of blueberries may contribute to heart health, brain function, and blood sugar regulation due to their rich antioxidant content.


1. Can I use frozen blueberries?

  • Yes, you can use frozen blueberries, but fresh blueberries offer a better texture and flavor.

2. Can I use another type of sweetener?

  • Yes, you can use agave syrup, maple syrup, or a sugar substitute instead of honey.

3. What type of sparkling water should I use?

  • Use unflavored sparkling water or club soda for a neutral taste or try a flavored sparkling water for added variety.

4. Can I make a larger batch for a party?

  • Absolutely! Multiply the ingredients according to the number of servings you need and prepare the spritzer in a pitcher for easy serving.

5. What other fruits can I use?

  • Try replacing blueberries with raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries for different flavor variations.


The Blueberry Mint Spritzer is a refreshing and versatile beverage that’s perfect for summer parties or casual gatherings. It’s easy to make, customizable, and sure to impress your guests with its beautiful presentation and delightful taste. Try this recipe and let us know how you enjoyed it! How to make Lemon Ginger Iced Tea

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